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Unfortunately, far too often, the oath that a couple makes to stay married “till death us do part” has to be broken. The plans to love and honor each other forever become unrealistic amid innumerable aggravating factors which tend to render marriage relationships unsustainable.

In other words, there comes a point in the marriage when at least one of the parties feels an emergent need to be extricated from the bonds of matrimony and pursue a life without his/her spouse. If you have reached this point, please call the Law Office of CARL C. BELGRAVE, ESQ. for a consultation.

There are basically two (2) types of divorces: uncontested and uncontested. 

Whether is divorce is contested or not contested depends on the parties but a divorce is uncontested when the defendant-spouse does not interpose an Answer to the pleadings and the plaintiff’s case proceeds to Judgment by default. This usually occurs when there are no minor children and no joint property or anything to fight for.

 On the other hand, divorces are contested when there are children of the marriage and the parties own property which they acquired during the marriage. In these cases, issues such as child support, custody and visitation have to be resolved and the marital property has to be equitably (fairly) distributed, either through settlement or a trial. The aforementioned issues can sometimes be extremely complicated, even for attorneys, so I would not advise a litigant to represent him/herself in a contested divorce. You need an attorney.

                 CARL C. BELGRAVE, ESQ. has successfully represented hundreds of clients in obtaining a dissolution of marriage and stands ready to assist you. He is compassionate, knowledgeable and courteous. He will return your phone calls, answer your questions and keep you abreast of the developments in your case. Most importantly, he will fight for you.

Finally, I have, on numerous occasions, heard, “I cannot get a divorce because my husband said he is not going to sign the papers”. This is a misconception which has kept some people married longer than they should be, all the while enduring the indignities of psychological and physical abuse. The reality is that your spouse does not have to sign for you to obtain a divorce. If you are contemplating divorcing your spouse call the Law Office of CARL C. BELGRAVE, ESQ. at (718) 522-3033.

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